(Amy) *hides atop a JP Morgan Chase building somewhere in NY* The oddest of places that Samey will ever look!
(Amy) *eats a raspberry crepe while enjoying life without her sister annoying her with manchineel salads and all that*

8:13 Numbuhthreefan


8:13 Gogogadget831

(Amy) Ahhhh, this is the life! *stares down at the city below her*

8:13 Ryantprewitt

(Lindsay) *gets dressed in her original clothing and goes to the arcade to play some games with her friends Gwen, Duncan ( Yes. She befriended him. ), and Owen.*
(Lindsay) I'll invite tyler too!  :D

8:14 Gogogadget831

(Heather) *burns Lindsay's strawberry raspberry ice cream swirl with cookie dough pieces and sprinkles*
(Heather) *burns the Powerpuff Girls' wardrobes too hahahaha*

8:14 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) *comes to the JP Morgan Chase building* Hey Amy! Here's a manchineel salad. *smashes it in her face* NOW EAT

8:14 Gogogadget831

(Amy) OMG HOW THE *cruisehorn* DID YOU FIND ME???

8:15 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) You thought I'd never find you?

8:15 Gogogadget831

(Amy) Are you kidding me?? This is the oddest of places to find me!
(Amy) Also, do you have an Amy detector or something??
~ Gordon003 has left the Total Drama Wiki chat. ~

8:15 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) NY is your favorite place and you wrote this place in your journal.

8:15 Ryantprewitt

(Lindsay) My Ice Cream! *Sigh* That girl just never learns. *Turns into Commando Lindsay and goes after her with guns in her hands*  (Gwen) Oh Gosh! *Sigh* Heather. >:( I'll help Lindsay!  (Duncan) Should we help them.  (Owen) Let's just play arcade games for a while longer?  (Duncan) Okay!  :D *Gwen leaves with Lindsay while Duncan and Owen stay and play some more arcade games*
~ Gordon003 has joined the Total Drama Wiki chat. ~

8:15 Gogogadget831

(Amy) EH WRONG! My favorite place is LA

8:15 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) Yeah, I go through your stuff.

8:16 Gogogadget831


8:16 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) I also stole a necklace from you that I'm wearing right now.
(samey) It's pretty
(samey) Anyway, bye!

8:16 Gogogadget831

(Amy) UGHHHHH!!!! *shoves manchineel fruit down Samey's throat and takes off on a jetpack to Maine*

8:16 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) *leaves*

8:17 Gogogadget831

(Amy) Finally, she's out of my hair!

8:17 Ryantprewitt

*Lindsay and Gwen finds heather with their tracker and the powerpuff girls fly after heather as well*

8:17 Gogogadget831

(Heather) *is about to hurl the Statue of Liberty at the Powerpuff Girls*

8:17 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) *goes back home and go through Amy's stuff*

8:17 Gogogadget831

(Amy) *moves out of the house, taking all her stuff with her*

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