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This is the primary test page.

Forums: Index > Information > Test

Not to be confused with List of overall staff or Staff.

The following is a list of current staff members on the wiki and their level of activity.

Bigez620 - Particularly talented at solving problems and being positive. He is also a bureaucrat and a chat moderator.
CD-TDA - Particularly talented at correcting spelling errors on articles. She is also a bureaucrat and a chat moderator.
Mygeto - Particularly talented at making strong edits and reasoning with users. He is also a bureaucrat and a chat moderator.
Numbuhthreefan - Particularly talented at being understanding and correcting grammatical errors. She is also a chat moderator.
TDIFan13 - Particularly talented at editing and organizing activities. He is also a bureaucrat and a chat moderator.

Webkinz Mania - Particularly talented at coming up with creative ideas to improve the wiki's functionality.

Chat moderators
ChunkyChipackers - Particularly talented at being alert and experienced.
MilaYin - Particularly talented at being approachable and easy to talk to.
Pinkydarn - Particularly talented at being moral and sociable.

AnonymousRose94 - Particularly talented at patrolling pages and fixing trivia.
Codyfan12 - Particularly talented at correcting errors and enforcing rules.
Stryzzar - Particularly talented at creating pages and uploading images.

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